All Things, Everything.

So basically I will posting anything I feel like. I'm not just going to focus on one main topic. One day you may see a post about clothes and another day may be about a story I have to tell. Either way, I hope I will keep people interested :)

I will not be watching The Hunger Games on March 23rd, 12:01 am.

So a couple weeks ago I told my dad that I HAD (yes, emphasize the had) to watch this movie at the midnight premiere. He would never, in a million years, let me do this but after I gave my whole speech on how it is the most amazing book, he said yes. 

Today I asked if I can buy the tickets. He said no. The reason why is because I got punished for staying awake till 2:00 a.m (I have been doing this probably everyday which has led me to waking up late for school.) BUT, let me indulge in this short convo me and him had.

Me: My life is over now.

Dad: Your life is over?! My life has been over a long time ago.

Me: How?

Dad: (long pause)

Sister: He means ever since we were born.


Now I will go into a deep state of depression… excuse me.

No people, my dad doesn’t regret having me, we kid around like that.

This sucks.